ESA / ECRA - 7010255

High Voltage Services

JM Controls and Electric Ltd. has fully trained, experienced and certified technicians to troubleshoot, repair and test high voltage systems. Our services include, but are not limited to:
  • Underground Cable Fault Locating (Cable Thumping)
  • Emergency underground cable repairs
  • Equipment isolation and support guarantee’s
  • VLF testing
  • Medium voltage terminations and splices
  • Overhead line maintenance, installation and troubleshooting
  • Transformer testing, oil sampling and maintenance
We understand your high voltage systems are critical components to your business, and downtime is not an option. Through testing and preventive maintenance, our customers are able to extend the life of their equipment and systems, and detect issues before they become failures. In the event an unplanned or emergency failure does occur, JM is equipped with the tools, equipment and personnel to respond to these emergencies in a matter of hours. We have teams dedicated to working around the clock to bring these systems back online safely, efficiently and as cost effective as possible.

Recent High Voltage Services Projects